Security at Roanoke nightspots could get tighter. Police Chief Chris Perkins brought a Dance Hall Proposal to city council. The hope is that this would enhance public safety for residents and visitors.

“What we find is when you get dancing, you get alcohol; you get having a good time in the same place, tempers may flare. Things may happen and we want to have a deterrent there to eliminate that,” said Perkins.

Perkins says the answer is to have professional security at venues that would meet the definition of a dance hall.

Listed in the proposal a dance hall would be considered, in part, "Any place open to the public where dancing is permitted, to which an admission is charged, or for which compensation is in any manner received.” Religious, educational, civic and military organizations would be exempt. 10 businesses so far meet the definition of a dance hall.

Most clubs already have some sort of security or bouncers, but Perkins says they need to have the proper training.

“If the bouncers have the proper training through The Department of Criminal Justice Services, whether you call them bouncers or security guards or whatever the idea is to have someone trained to handle the situation,” said Perkins.

Under the proposal an establishment with 49 or fewer patrons requires no security.
50 or more means at least two certified security employees or off-duty law enforcement officers.