The Environmental Protection Agency announced Monday morning a proposal that would cut carbon emissions from power plants by 30%.

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy spoke about the reduction in smog and pollution and says it will keep those vulnerable out of the hospital.

“It's going to result in lower medical bills, fewer trips to the emergency room, especially for those who are most vulnerable, those kids. Especially those kids that have asthma,” said McCarthy.

Some environmentalists and doctors agree that this reduction would decrease what they call dangerous carbon pollution.

“I applaud President Obama's efforts to reduce carbon pollution. Our children and our grandchildren cannot afford for us to wait any longer,” said Dr. Christine Llewellyn.

But opponents disagree with some of the health risks and say American jobs are on the line, specifically those in the coal industry in southwest Virginia.

“It's going to hurt the American family, because it going to make our electric rate sky rocket. It going to hurt American manufacturers that use about a million dollars here at Graham-White, which we're touring today and it going to hurt coal industries in particular,” said 9th District Representative Morgan Griffith.

The measure would require power plants to reduce carbon emissions 30% by the year 2030. Under the plan, states will be required to submit plans to the agency by June 2016.