Just how much crude oil moves on the rails through your hometown?  

A new report says it's millions of gallons statewide every week.

CSX, the company who's oil tanker cars derailed and burst into flames in downtown Lynchburg in April, is now releasing the data in an effort to be more transparent.

CSX was originally hesitant to give out information like how much oil travels through the state and where it goes through, citing proprietary and safety concerns.

But the Virginia Department of Emergency Management said much of that info was already available to the public.

The Lynchburg train derailment has prompted many localities along the transport line to ask many of these questions.   

WDBJ7 learned that the CSX line goes through 20 counties and the company estimates at least two-million gallons of crude oil travel through the state in a given week.   But it could be much more. The report indicates the train that derailed in Lynchburg was transporting three million gallons of crude oil.

Emergency Managers I spoke with today say they feel like the derailment was a rare incident, but all of them said they're happier safe than sorry.

One of the best ways they're doing that is CSX.

Many emergency managers of the towns and counties that spoke to WDBJ7 say CSX has been helpful in terms of formulating a plan in case of an emergency situation.

We're told CSX representatives are in the process of traveling to these towns and meeting with emergency managers in the coming weeks.