Classes at New River Community College's New River Valley Mall site will resume at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

Classes were canceled Wednesday after a domestic dispute involving a student's family.


A domestic dispute involving a student's family is the reason New River Community College canceled day classes at its New River Valley Mall site in Christiansburg on Wednesday.

A school spokesperson said the NRCC canceled classes as a precaution. The school posted the following message on its Facebook page:

"We were made aware of a domestic dispute involving the family of the one of our students and decided to close the mall site as a precaution."

The Dublin campus remains open.

The Christiansburg Police Department informed the school about a domestic situation, and the school then decided to close the NRV Mall campus.

"The investigation is ongoing, but at this time there is no known threat to the school or larger community," Christiansburg public relations spokesperson Becky Wilburn wrote in a news release.


New River Community College’s site at the New River Valley Mall in Christiansburg is closed Wednesday.

According to a message posted on its website, day classes only are cancelled at this time. The campus in Dublin is still open.

Only the mall site is closed, according to the message.

It’s not clear why the mall campus is closed Wednesday.

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