A couple of buddies in Blacksburg say they've come up with the perfect solution for chewing tobacco leftovers.

Using what looks like a fancy hair dryer, longtime friends John Simmons and Eric Compton shrink wrapping some of the nearly 800 plastic bottles with the ''Baccer Trapper" labels. Baccer is slang for tobacco.

When someone chews tobacco, the end result is lots of spit and no good place to spit it all out.

"People don't want to see it. People that dip probably don't want people to see it," Compton said.

Compton is a business major at Radford University. Simmons is married and has a fulltime job. Together these guys run a landscaping business.

And yes, they both chew, but say their families don't know it. Their love for the dirty dip gave them the idea.

"A clear bottle. If it's just setting on a coffee table it's not very nice to look at,” Simmons said. “That's why we did with the wrapper and it's pocket sized and you can't see what's in it."

Which leads to the next problem.

"We've heard lots of stories, a lot of stories about people drinking it, Compton said.”That's disgusting. That's what we're going for."

And so the "Baccer Trapper" was born. Today, it's sold locally in 10 stores and sells for $1.50.

"We have a lot of tobacco users that come into our store and they spit out in our parking lot, their wives always picking up spit bottles, thinking it's Dr. Pepper, root beer, whatever," said Corey Songer, who works at Powerzone and sells the Baccer Trapper.

"The scary part is you know if it doesn't work, but if you don't take a risk, you won't get the reward,” Compton said. “And we're willing to risk it all and we're having fun doing it!"

The Baccer Trapper might just be crazy enough to work. And they'll be spitting all the way to the bank.