A Roanoke man has come up with what he says is a natural way to get rid of bathroom smells with just a spray.

"I was manager of a retail store, a customer came in to use the restroom and didn't leave a very pleasant odor when he left," said William Whitworth, creator of Discreet Scents.

That moment inspired Whitworth.

"I immediately went home that night and started doing some research, my brain was going 100 miles an hour. There's got to be a solution to this problem,” he thought.

Inside his small two bedroom apartment in Roanoke, Whitworth began mixing all kinds of concoctions. He calls himself a regular guy turned mad scientist with a passion for good smelling bathrooms.

It took a year before anyone was interested in the tiny bottle called Discreet Scents.

One might ask, how does he tell people what his little bottle can do?

"That's when I say, 'here's a bottle and a business card, try it out give me a call if you like it.’ Done,” Whitworth explained.

Today, Discreet Scents is sold in three different area stores, including Piggly Wiggly, where Chad Burdette is the franchise store owner.

Burdette says the little blue bottle is selling well.

"It is what it is and like I say, it's used for a unique purpose and it does its job well. There's a need for it. Yes sir, everybody's got a need," Burdette said.

Whitworth says he does all the mixing, pouring and labeling himself. The product comes in two scents; lemon and harvest spice.

WDBJ7 followed Whitworth as he sat down in his office, which doubles as his daughter's bedroom. A sturdy work desk sandwiched between a pink princess castle and an adjoining child's twin bed. Whitworth handles the business side of the business.

Each bottle sells for about $6 and Whitworth delivers. Just in case you forgot how to use it, Whitworth has a quick explainer.

"You can spray [Discreet Scents] into the air afterwards as needed, but typically two sprays into the toilet and you're safe. Good to go!"

Whitworth says a national grocery chain has called him about carrying Discreet Scents.