Two companies in the turbine industry and a lumber business will expand and move operations into Grayson County.  The moves will create about 50 new jobs according to the governor's office.

Governor Terry McAuliffe and others celebrated the moves  Monday.  Hansen Turbine will expand its operation in Grayson County.  Sister company Falcon Turbine will move its operation from North Carolina to Grayson County, as well.  The companies make specialized coatings and spray applications for the aircraft and turbine parts coating industry, according to the governor's office.

Independence Lumber will rebuild its operation in Grayson County.  It was destroyed by a fire in 2012.  The investment will keep dozens of jobs in the county and create 25 new ones.

McAuliffe and other officials will also attend a ribbon cutting Monday afternoon at the Core Health & Fitness Medfit Systems plant.  The facility had previously been owned by Nautilus and was in danger of being shut down.