Roanoke City's 70th park is scheduled to open in one month on the Northwest side of town.  While many people are excited, not everyone is rolling out the welcome mat.

"Definitely a win win," says Robert Reed, president of the Miller Court Neighborhood Alliance.

Reed thinks a new park and greenway are the best possible fit after the city closed the 18 hole golf course in 2010.

"Our kids don't have anywhere to go.  They play basketball in the street, they throw frisbee in the street and this will have a safe environment for them," says Reed.

But not everyone feels this way.

"Why not keep the golf course, make some money," says John Canty.

Canty lives next door to what will soon be the park.  He is still admittedly frustrated the golf course is gone. He and several others who talked to WDBJ7 off camera wonder, if the city wouldn't pay to keep that going, how long will it be until the Countryside community has another eyesore.

 "Trash, trash. I walk up and down the street everyday picking up trash already. People driving by throwing trash out. People are going to leave trash over here that's my biggest concern.  That's the concern of all the neighbors here," says Canty.