For the most part the race for Virginia's 16th district's open seat has been quiet. Both Elizabeth Jones, the Democratic candidate, and Les Adams, the Republican candidate, are pushing their biographies and beliefs like uranium mining, one that directly effects Pittsylvania County.

"We have to have a permanent ban on uranium mining in Virginia in order to grow Southside. Businesses are fearful of this stigma," Jones said.

Jones blames her opponent Adams for supporting uranium mining and accepting money from Virginia Uranium.
Adams has said that isn't true.

"We should not lift the moratorium on uranium mining there's simply not the consensus necessary that it can be done safely," Adams said.

Adams is an attorney in Chatham and was raised in Pittsylvania County. The lack of jobs in Southern Virginia is his biggest concern he plans to fix.

"I'm going to vote in ways that will allow our economic climate to be one that is good for business, that helps grow the economy and as a native of this area there will be no one who will fight harder to recruit industry to this region than will I," Adams said.

While his opponent is also pushing a jobs plan of her own, the former teacher turned real estate broker supports to close the skills gap, bridging education and the workforce.

"I see that education, tied to workforce training, tied to having a workforce that's trained and ready for 21st century jobs. Jobs in science, technology, engineering and math will be crucial to helping Southside grow jobs," Jones said.

The 16th district house of delegates seat was left vacant by Don Merricks.

He served as delegate for three terms but decided to end his political career to focus on his flooring business in Danville.