Flu shot season is just beginning and some doctors say the earlier you get the shot, the better.

There are at least five different options for vaccinations this year and experts say it all depends on your age, health and personal preference when choosing which one to get.

There’s also a new flu vaccine this season, but it won’t be easy to get.

Quadrivalent is designed to protect against four different flu viruses; two influenza A viruses and two influenza B viruses.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “there is a standard-dose quadrivalent shot that can be given to children as young as 6 months of age. Other standard-dose quadrivalent shots are approved for people 3 years and older. The standard-dose quadrivalent nasal spray vaccine is approved for healthy people 2 through 49 years of age.”

There’s also the standard dose of the flu vaccine, which most people get every year.

There’s also a higher dose vaccine, which is recommended for anyone over 65.

"That has shown to be more effective in preventing the flu in that age group,” said Dr. Michael Szilagyi with Velocity Care. “Up to 25% more effective and that's a group that's particularly vulnerable."

Some people say they are willing to try the new vaccine, while others say they will stick to the normal dosage.

"Normally I get it every year just to combat the flu and hopefully it will prevent me from getting sick,” said Connie Steele.

Right now, very few medical facilities in Roanoke have Quadrivalent.

WDBJ 7 is told it was made in limited quantities and that’s why it's primarily recommended for children.

Some of the local pharmacies say if there's a high enough demand for it, they might get it.

Walgreens has already run out of the vaccine and says it is on back-order.