An otherwise calm Easter Sunday turned deadly on March 31 when one of the largest interstate pileups in U.S. History happened on I-77 in Carroll County.

The wreck killed three people and left many cars looking like crunched up soda cans.

The primary cause of the wreck was very heavy fog.

But accidents at Fancy Gap are nothing new because of the fog; we even had our First Alert Weather team explain why.

WDBJ7 has chronicled two major accidents at this very same spot over the years because of the fog; one in 1997 and one in 2010.

With this being the largest wreck yet, 95 cars at this area, the questions to VDOT got a little tougher.

People wanted to know if VDOT would take another look at the area.

VDOT says it's made many safety changes over the years to Fancy Gap, and people need to take it slower if there is fog.

We talked to a truck driver who's had an accident there before who agreed.

“The wind and the fog ain't got nothing to do with it. The day that I had my accident up there? It's the crazy people,” he said.

No matter what you attribute the accidents at Fancy Gap to, it's a sobering reminder that you can never be too careful.