No swimming and no s'mores at this summer camp.  Stethoscopes and splints are more like it at Camp Carilion Clinic.

On a ninety degree summer day 16 middle school students are spending the day indoors and they're excited about it. 

This is Camp Carilion Clinic where students are learning about healthcare.

In one room Monday afternoon, a pretend patient is just 13 years old and so is the healthcare giver.  This is a make believe injury but it's real learning that's going on.

At this camp session the students are learning how to put a splint on a broken wrist.  One student cuts a strip to size and wraps another student's arm. 

How do they think they did?  "Ok, it looks pretty good, "said Hidden Valley Middle School Student Nabeel Raza.

Two girls showed off their work explaining what they learned about splinting.   "This is hard, but not as hard as a regular cast would be," said Julia Booker, a Cave Spring Middle School Student, as she showed the splint she put on another student's arm.

Physician assistant students taught the session on splints and on ENT (Ears, Nose, Throat) at Jefferson College of Health Sciences on Monday afternoon. 

The campers also spent part of the day learning about careers in physical therapy,  emergency medicine, and respiratory therapy.

"We're learning a lot of new things," said Booker. "It's not just one thing because we've been to so many stations. You  can kind of a get a gist of everything."

Students at the camp hope to one day work in healthcare.

"I'm interested in cardiology, stuff dealing with the heart," said Raza. "Possibly cardiac surgery."

Another student, 13 year old Isabel Baynum from Andrew Lewis Middle School said at first she wanted to go into pediatric nursing.   After a day of camp she's already taken an interest in another area of healthcare- emergency medicine..

"Because what I've learned is it's really fun to be able to put in tubes into bodies and be able to work with things in a an emergency setting," said Baynum.  "I know I'll be helping people much more."

Who knows what other interests this camp will spark in these students.  The camp goes through Thursday.

Students had to apply to be a part of the camp. That included writing an essay on why they want to pursue a career in healthcare and getting a letter of recommendation from a school guidance counselor or teacher. 

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Sixteen middle school students from the area are taking part in the four-day camp at Carilion Clinic. On Monday the students learned at Jefferson College of Health Sciences.

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