North Cross School holds first Mill Mountain Day

Plans on donating 20% of fundraising money to Mill Mountain Zoo

POSTED: 03:13 PM EDT Oct 30, 2013    UPDATED: 06:52 PM EDT Oct 30, 2013 
North Cross School holds first ever Mill Mountain Day

All 600 students and staff from North Cross School in Roanoke spent the morning on top of Mill Mountain.

The school's spent the past two weeks raising money for itself and for the Mill Mountain Zoo.

School leaders say it was a chance to raise money and awareness for themselves and the cash-strapped zoo.

"To raise awareness of that from en education standpoint for our kids and also to help for our community, it was a real big part of what this day was all about," said North Cross Development Director David Lake.

The school will donate 20-percent of the money it raises to the zoo, up to $5,000.