A popular idea circulating in Richmond right now: Reducing the number of Standards of Learning Tests.

On Tuesday we told you about lawmakers ideas to drop some elementary school testing for subjects like history and science. Click here to read that story:

But not all school leaders are completely on board.

Roanoke City Schools Superintendent Rita Bishop worries that cutting certain tests could mean less attention dedicated to teaching those subjects on which students won't be tested.

She says a universal reduction in testing may not benefit Roanoke City like it would other districts.

"The education research that I read says that urban students need lots of practice to be successful in the next testing series. So of course, I'm the most urban district in the region and that's how I feel about it," said Dr. Bishop.

Bishop says she'll hold meetings with her principals and parents to hear what they think is best for Roanoke City Schools.

Either way, Dr. Bishop was adamant that she'll adjust to whatever decisions are made in Richmond.