The number of schools accredited with a warning has quadrupled from last year to this year.

Accredited with a warning means a school didn't meet all state benchmarks in Math, Science, History or English Standards of Learning or SOL tests.

The State of Virginia says more rigorous curriculum and tougher standardized tests has led to what it calls a temporary drop off.

But today's news means many school leaders aren't happy.

Sandusky Middle School in Lynchburg was the only school in our area that could be taken over by the state because this is its third consecutive year being accredited with a warning.

The school division's superintendent says this warning is the state labeling the school, its students, and teachers a failure, and he's saying 'enough'.

Brabrand isn't taking exception to newer, harder tests; he says its important to raise standards and expectations in a logical way.

He does take exception with schools being labeled as failures because of newer, harder tests.

"These new tests are creating a false narrative of failure in our public schools that's simply not true," Brabrand said.

He's spent 20-plus years in public education.

He says right now it's frustrating to be a superintendent in Virginia.

"I think there's a war on public education in this country and even in the commonwealth and its time to stop the war and start working to solutions and some of this is manufactured failure on the part of politicians in Richmond and Washington, it's not the true story," he added.

Braband is adamant that even at schools like Sandusky Middle that the state is threatening with accreditation, schools are performing better, but the test scores just don't show that.

He says the drastic increase in the number of schools accredited with a warning is why the data doesn't support the reality.

He says the number of schools accredited a warning, "Went up four times this year, did we suddenly become four times worse as a state at providing education to students? I don't believe so," he said.

Lynchburg City Schools has put together a very comprehensive plan that they shared with WDBJ7 to help bring scores up. Some of those strategies include double-blocking SOL courses, adding math help and doing more diagnostic tests during the year.