Rocky Mount, Va. -

Charles Thompson says his dog's uncontrollable barking, prompted him to look out the window, only to see a woman in his yard.

“She was very pale, she was just wandering around; she didn't know where she was or where she was going,” said Thompson.

Thompson has lived in his Rocky Mount home since 1986 and has watched trees grow into a wooded area, outside of his home. It's what's walking out of them, that causing concerns.

“I don’t know how long she had been missing. I finally found her at about ten, ten-thirty.

On Saturday morning, Thompson says he found the woman wandering from the woods outside his home; she appeared disoriented.

He noticed some type device on her arm, what he described as a monitoring device. He and his wife invited the lady in their home and called Trinity Mission Health & Rehab in Rocky Mount.

“We called down to trinity mission and asked them if they were missing anyone, they got back on the phone with me after putting me on hold and said yes,” said Thompson.

The local police and emergency rescue crew showed up to bring the woman to the hospital, according to Thompson.

He says it's very dangerous for anyone to venture off in the woods, especially with bears and snakes in the wild.

He's says this isn't the first time someone from Trinity Mission has wondered off.

“My neighbor out here, out the road in the driveway, she said she had found an elderly man at some point and had dementia and stuff. He didn't know where he was or where he was going. It turned out he was from there too,” said Thompson.

WDBJ7 reached out to Trinity Mission Health & Rehab for comment, we’re still waiting on a response.