An off-duty Roanoke City firefighter was on his way to make wedding plans when he saw a car on fire. Alex McKinney says he's no hero. He says someone was in trouble and it was his duty to help.

“We were going shopping in Lynchburg leaving Roanoke going on 460. We just happened to see a vehicle in a ditch,” said McKinney.

McKinney and his fiance were shopping for their wedding day when they saw an overturned car. Its front end was in a ditch and its wheels were spinning. McKinney crossed the median and turned to the accident. His fiance called 911.

“A male, he was laying on his back. He had both legs, the left leg was trapped under the door. The right foot was kind of tangled up in the dash,” said McKinney.

McKinney knew he had to get the man out of the car despite his injuries.

“The dash was smoking. It was putting off some pretty thick, nasty grey smoke. It got toxic fumes in it. I wanted to get him as far away from that as possible,” said McKinney.

After McKinney pulled the man from the car, the car caught on fire.

“It was fully involved by the time Montvale Fire Department got there. They had a good response,” said McKinney.

It’s McKinney quick response that truly makes him a life saver.