SALEM, Va. -

The Virginia Department of Forestry is celebrating 100 years and Smokey the Bear is leaving his mark on a tree in the Roanoke Valley.

Foresters with the Western Region took a white pine tree was taken down about a year ago as a fire prevention message and that's when employees came up with the idea to carve Smokey the Bear into the stump.

Regional Forester Ed Stoots said he was excited when he thought of the idea.

“How about we leave one stump a little bit higher and use our personnel who can do chainsaw carving and basically leave a lasting legacy on fire protection,” he said.

Brad Carrico is an employee at the Salem office and does chainsaw carvings on the side. Carrico spent Thursday carving Smokey's face into the tree stump with a chainsaw.

Smokey will be painted when the carving is complete.

They hope it will serve as a monument for fire prevention and protection in our area.

If you would like to see Smokey, he is located at 210 Riverland Drive.