WIRTZ, Va. -

For 50 years the 4-H club has served our region, hosting thousands of children in its summer program.

On Tuesday evening an open house will showcase the renovations of the organization's original building.

There's still a familiar look to the original 4-H Central Activities Building, built in the 60's along Smith Mountain Lake.

“In 1965, there was really nothing here but one pole barn building and very quickly because of the interest in 4H, this facility started with three buildings and we were camping by 1966,” said Executive Director Roger Ellmore.

The 4-H Club background stems from a base of agriculture during an era where nearly 50 percent of the country was rural.

“4H had to evolve as society evolved so we still do a lot of those traditional things, but we also do robotics, we do computer science; we do multimedia,” said Ellmore.

This summer more than 400 students will be housed here for camp and another 3,000 will attend day-time programs. The newly renovated dining area and stage will usher in more summer time memories.

Brandon Crawley is the summer program director and knows the program like the back of his hand. He's been a part of 4-H since he was 5-years-old and started camping when he was 11. He says it has taught him so much over the years.

“You get to try new things, first time on a horse, first time shooting archery just doing new things you wouldn't usually do at home,” said Crawley.

On Tuesday night the public gets a look inside the renovated facility; it's a place where some of them spent their summers decades ago.