The Playwright's Lab at Hollins University and Mill Mountain Theatre have partnered up once again this summer to stage what has become one of Roanoke's favorite theatrical traditions.

Overnight Sensations is back for its 9th installment and began on Friday night.

Six playwrights were randomly paired with six directors, who then randomly drew from a hat a variety of writing prompts and a pre-selected cast of local actors. Before 8 a.m. Saturday, each playwright had to compose a ten-minute play. 

The actors arrive three hours later and begin their rehearsals.

This year's playwrights are Ben R. Williams, Ann G'Feller's Mason, Lucretia Bell, Dominic Taylor, David Schwingle, and Megan Gogerty. Directors include Ernie Zulia, Art Borreca, Wendy-Marie Martin, Katie Mack, Eva Reid, and Brandon DuMonde.  

The last Overnight Sensations shows begin Saturday, July 12th at 8 p-m. \

The shows are free to the public.