Roanoke, VA. -

One Roanoke family got a surprise visitor this morning that made itself right at home.

Imagine waking up to a peacock on your property. Well, that's just what happened to the Nichols family.

The peacock apparently belongs to someone but the family has not been able to locate its owners.

Now its made a home in the Nichols' backyard but they're trying to get the bird back to its rightful owners

"I called Roanoke County Animal Control, they said that they couldn't help us, I called Sabrina, the wildlife person for this area, she cannot help us because he's not considered wildlife. He was brought into the country," Sandy Nichols told Your Hometown News Leader.

The Nichols hope to give the bird to the zoo or to someone who can properly take care of it if no one claims the peacock.

If you have information, contact Roanoke County Animal Control at (540) 777-8606.