A cleanup effort is underway in Pembroke after too much rain water caused flooding.

A county and town effort is helping remove debris and mud left behind after flood waters receded.

It's such a mess, it's nice to see the community come out and work on this. Some of these are private individuals; some of this county.

Anita Price remembers watching flood water from a nearby creek spill over in her yard, ultimately flooding her basement.

"There's nothing you can do, you just watch it. You can't stop it. You pray a lot, she told WDBJ7.

Jail inmates and volunteers scraped, shelved and picked up the mucky mess.

Price's home wasn't the only property effected by the flood; so was this nearby church and others along U.S. 460.

"It's important to get it cleaned up. We have a lot of tourist that come through town, travelers. You want the place to look nice and help the property owners; assist them because a lot of them are elderly and are not able to do a lot of it," said Price.

Pembroke Mayor Don Poteet say crews are hoping to have homes in the effected areas cleaned up by the end of the day. In the meantime, residents hope that the Virginia Department of Transportation can keep the culverts clear.

If they would take the time to put this on a schedule, they wouldn't have the problem in Pembroke that they have. They know this is an area that has problems.

Problems residents hope will be fixed soon.