Virginia Tech football coach Frank Beamer first dabbled in writing a book following the 2000 Sugar Bowl where his Hokies fell to Florida State in the national title game.

Now he's followed Turn Up the Wick with Let Me Be Frank: My Life at Virginia Tech.

His latest effort in collaboration with author Jeff Snook is much deeper, and much more personal.

Let Me Be Frank has a little something for everyone, from reflections to some confessions, 293 pages worth.

“Some interesting stories, I would hope, and some interesting reads,” Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer said of his new book.

It touches on a variety of topics including quarterbacks Michael and Marcus Vick. Beamer also touches on the April 16 tragedy on the Tech campus and his acceptance of the North Carolina job in November of 2000, before opting to stay in Blacksburg.

The longest tenured and also the winningest active coach in the country, Beamer gave author Jeff Snook nearly two years of access to him and his team.

“I really saw what it’s like to have a program be a family and that’s because of Coach Beamer. They all respect him. They love the guy and love working for him. They don’t wanna let him down,” Let Me Be Frank author Jeff Snook said.

Snook has been a college football writer since 1981. His latest work is part history lesson, part memoir.

“I think the main thing is that Coach Beamer wanted a record of his life and of his career and a lot of things he had never spoken of and he thought it was time to get them out publicly. So I think people will buy the book and read it from front to back and I don’t think they’ll be disappointed. People may think they know him but every one of them will learn at least five things they didn’t know about him before. I really believe that,” Snook said.

“I think we get some insight into how we run an organization. We’ve had good success. I think most people would agree with that. So that’s one thing, and then I think it’s a good general book if you’re at an airport getting ready to go on that plane, I hope you would be interested in buying the book,” Beamer said.

Former Indiana college basketball coach Bobby Knight wrote the foreword for the book. Beamer and Knight met during one of Knight's visits to Blacksburg to call Hokie basketball on ESPN. Let Me Be Frank is currently in bookstores.