While we'll be struggling to stay warm, it's important to also consider your pets.

The Virginia Animal Control Association is urging pet owners to use extra precautions.

It strongly recommends keeping pets indoors.

If you do have an outdoor pet, the organization suggests adding more insulation to the animal's shelter and to make sure it gets more food.

Outdoor pets need more calories to help stay warm during extreme cold.

Failing to provide adequate shelter for pets could result in animal cruelty or neglect charges.

Here's some more information from the SPCA of Martinsville and Henry County:

Due to bitterly cold predicted temperatures for the next 48 hours the SPCA of Martinsville and Henry County SPCA is strongly urging pet owners to bring your pets indoors.  Dogs and cats have a body temperature similar to that of humans and if people are cold…then pets are cold.  It is imperative that pets have ample fresh water (not frozen) in cold weather to prevent dehydration.  In the event that you are unable to bring a pet indoors make sure that they have adequate shelter from the elements and place extra bedding/blankets in dog houses to help them stay warm.  Freezing temperatures like the ones forecast are deadly for animals if left outdoors.