The Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors elected James Snead as chairman on Wednesday morning.

Brenda Bowman, was the chairwoman following the death of former chairman Marshall Ecker last week. Click here to read a story about Ecker's death.  

Bowman questioned the legality of Wednesday morning’s meeting. However, the county attorney determined that the meeting was legal.

"The board has the legal right to reorganize anytime we want to, if you've got the four votes," said James Snead, after the meeting.

Bowman and Supervisor Jessie Barksdale walked out of the meeting. The remaining board members voted James Snead as Chairman and made Tim Barber vice chair.

"It shows disrespect to Mr. Ecker, the citizens of the Staunton River District, that should have been our focus and our priority in the weeks to come was to try to get that seat filled," Bowman said after the meeting.

Bowman was formerly vice chair of the Pittsylvania County Board of Supervisors.