Extreme weather conditions are calling for near emergency measures in Pittsylvania County.

It's dry in many sections of the county and now many farmers are paying extra to keep their produce alive.

The board of supervisors want to help by asking the governor to declare the county a drought disaster area.

That means farmers who have damages from the dry conditions can get extra benefits.

Farmers like Tim Shelton who has his irrigation system on overtime.

"Our budget is getting thin," said Tim Shelton, a Pittsylvania County farmer.

Tim Shelton is using this irrigation system around the clock. He's used 8,000 gallons of diesel fuel in the last seven weeks compared to 4,000 gallons he used last year to keep the system going.

He's filling in what Mother Nature left out. His 75 acres of tobacco hasn't absorbed much rain.

It's been a dry season and his crop is taking a hit.

"These tobacco plants are still not as filled out as they normally would be in leaf size. These top leaves are much smaller then they normally would be if we had adequate rainfall," Shelton said pointing at tobacco plants.

His livestock ran out of grass to eat because it's all dry.

Tim Shelton: "We're using up our feed supply that we normally use in the winter months being December, January, and February," Shelton said.

The dry conditions started in May. WDBJ7 Meteorologist Brent Watts says the county only experienced spotty showers since then putting the area three inches below the average rain fall for this year.

Rain gauges show the county has nearly one inch in rain recorded this month. Typically there are two to three inches on the ground.

Stephen Barts, a Virginia Extension Agent, says he's noticed it really depends on where you live.

"Even in areas that are small distances from one another the number of rainfall events and the amount of rainfall received in each one of those events has varied tremendously from place to place," Barts said.

One county leader says it's been four years since the county was declared a drought disaster area.

The United States Drought Monitor hasn't labeled this area as experiencing a drought, only having abnormally dry conditions. A new report from the monitor is due out Thursday.