His business is called "Travel Lovers," but Steve Arthur doesn't always love traveling the road in front of his office.

"We're just over the crest of a hill and you have to be careful here," said Arthur, whose travel agency has been located along Route 221 in Forest for 12 years.

Over the last decade, Arthur has seen a dramatic increase in both traffic and accidents.

"People drive too fast and the sight distances aren't nearly as good here as they are on other roads," Arthur said.

Crash rates on the stretch of 221 between Forest and the Lynchburg Expressway are higher than the statewide average.

The Region 2000 Local Government Council and the Central Virginia Metropolitan Planning Organization just finished studying the corridor and developed a list of ideas to address both safety and congestion.

One of their recommendations is to add more lanes.  The section between Forest and the Lynchburg Expressway already has four lanes.  Planners recommend widening it to six.

Jim Huber, who both lives and works along 221, believes more lanes will just cause people to drive faster.

"It's likely to cause more issues with all of the at-grade intersections and entrances to businesses here," Huber said.

Huber would like to see the speed limit lowered and more traffic lights added.

Region 2000 is recommending a speed study for the entire corridor and increased speed enforcement.  They're also suggesting more turn lanes at busy intersections and better timing of traffic lights.

As the area grows, planners would also like to see more sidewalks and bike paths along the corridor.

Arthur believes the changes, if they ever happen, will be good for business.

"Hopefully they can come up with some solutions that will help improve it," Arthur said.

The ideas will have to be incorporated into the comprehensive plans for both Bedford County and Lynchburg before any work can be done.  Region 2000 officials are presenting their ideas to the Lynchburg planning commission Wednesday afternoon.

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