Plans for a new propane terminal are raising concerns in southeast Roanoke.

The distribution facility would be built on land between the Roanoke Industrial Center and the Roanoke Regional Water Pollution Control plant.

Community leaders say the location is too close to residential neighborhoods. Tuesday, members of the Southeast Action Forum met with Roanoke City Manager Chris Morrill.

Mark Powell is President of the community group.  "It represents a threat, a real threat, a danger, potential loss of life, potential injuries, potential property devastation," he told WDBJ7. "And we just saw a story come out of Florida last night that reinforces the idea that these propane terminals simply don't belong in residential neighborhoods."

A rezoning application from the company Inergy says the site is "an ideal location." The application says it would be difficult to find a more isolated and insulated site in an urban location.

Tuesday afternoon, a representative of Inergy said the company is looking forward to meeting with people in the neighborhood and learning more about their concerns.

The Roanoke Planning Commission is now scheduled to consider the rezoning request in September.