At this time of the year, many think of the holidays and spending time with family and friends.

But some have a different agenda.

Police say now is when shoplifters strike the most, when stores are distracted by lots of shoppers.

When shoplifters don't succeed or get caught in one area, police tell me they'll go to another area to try to steal. In fact some shoplifters banned from Valley View Mall headed south.

Detective David Moye with the Christiansburg Police Department and his team are serious about catching shoplifters. Especially ones like these three. They were first caught shoplifting at Valley View Mall. After being banned, they took a different approach.

"They weren't allowed back into the shopping areas. So, what they decided to do was come to our area and do the same thing they've been successfully doing there."

Surveillance video shows them clearly leaving with a cart full of items. One of the suspects has already been arrested. Moye says thieves should be on notice.

"If you come to Christiansburg and you commit felony shoplifting, we're going to use every extent of the law to prosecute you, catch you and punish you."

To help with the crackdown, police stay in contact with retailers.

"We've spoken with most of the managers of some of the stores." "Letting them know to be on the look out for this sort of shoplifting; these people coming from other jurisdictions and what some of their methods are."

Moye says police everywhere rely on the public's help to bust shoplifters like these, and those bold enough to copy them.