A community is mourning two young men killed in a car accident in Southwest Roanoke County Monday morning.

Wednesday night, we learned that the driver of the car was hurt but is expected to survive.

One of his closest friends organized a candlelight vigil to support him and another survivor and grieve the two who died.

"Maybe this will be a wake up call for some teenagers and if that can come out of it, then that would be wonderful," said Shannon Fields.

Shannon Fields is the mother of the young man driving this car when it crashed along Merriman Road early Monday morning. Fields says he broke a few vertebrae but will recover.

Danial Buckner and Cody Elliott died in the crash changing her forever.

"I'm grateful that he's ok, I'm upset that the boys aren’t ; that Danial and Cody aren't," said Fields.

But it's the wave of emotions that has the strongest grip on her.

"Guilt, anger, relief, just all kinds of things bottled up right now," said Fields.

Those emotions burned as brightly as the flames from these candles as young and old remembered those lost.

"One of my very best friends, Danial Buckner was in the crash. I just really wish I could've said goodbye," said Garrett Lee.

Garrett Lee's best friend was the driver of the car that crashed. He organized this vigil.

For him, the vigil was also about gratitude and supporting those that are still living.

"We're all here to support him no matter what. I love him, man, more than myself," said Lee.

Lee says what happened on Monday will always be a sobering wake up call.

"Life is something you should not take lightly at all. It's a really fragile thing and you never know when you're going to go," said Lee.

For many parents, losing a child is worse than death. One mother at the vigil didn't suffer that fate, but says her thoughts are with her son and the mothers who are now without theirs.

"I have a tremendous sense of sadness for Cody and Danial's mothers and parents," said Carly East.

It's a loss she says she could never bear.

There's no word yet on the exact cause of the crash or if any charges will be filed.