One of the first things people can do when it comes to applying for financial aid is file your taxes because that is part of the process.

The deadline for the fall semester at Virginia Western to apply for financial aid is June 20, 2014 but those dates vary from college to college so it's important to check with your schools website to figure out deadline dates.

Lori Baker the Dean of Student Services at Virginia Western says planning ahead is key. The sooner you figure out what major you'd like to pursue the better chance you have at saving money and time.

Carolyn Payne, Scholarship and CCAP Coordinator at Virginia Western, suggests to check your schools website to find scholarships available. Many schools have  a variety of scholarships for academic merit, program of study, and financial need.

Virginia Western also offers Community College Access Program (CCAP). This program provides 2 years tuition free at Virginia Western for those that qualify. The deadline to apply for CCAP is February 28, 2014 at 4 p.m.

The best advice for students out there is to not assume you will not qualify for scholarships and financial aid.

For more information on scholarships available at Virginia Western, click here.