The STP 500 lasts a few hours at the Martinsville Speedway but getting that picture perfect look for TV takes weeks to prepare.

Friday dozens of people took advantage of the nice weather to get the track ready for millions of fans to enjoy, even the detail of the grass.

Spring hasn't officially made the plants and grass as green as the folks at Martinsville Speedway would like.

So crews paint the grass green that's around the track!

It's a little know secret but it makes sense. The grass is gray from winter. The speedway officials say it makes the grass look amazing on TV.

That's just one of dozens of projects going on today.

Signs welcoming fans to the race have to hung along the streets, windows have to be washed, and all those logos you see along the walls of the track?

Those are hand painted.

Keith Grubbs has spent 16 years laying on his left side around race time painting logos. Each company has a precise shade of color to use. His work has to look perfect.

"I don't have a problem with vinyl but the difference in the luster of the paint stands out so much better. It's just part of the craft of NASCAR in itself. Still being done the old fashion way. Still being done by hand," Grubbs said.

Hardcore fans are already lining up too.

Dozens of campers, some parked since earlier this week, are ready to pick their spot in the campground when it opens Saturday morning at eight.

A convoy of haulers and trailers will be parading through the speedway area early next week filling up the fan zone.

But there is still lots of work to do before race week begins.