Tuesday morning, the walk was clear for Meals on Wheels volunteers like Dan Lonnquist. The food they delivered was a blessing for clients like Roanoker Ernest Gibson.

"It means a lot," Gibson told us, "because I can't get out and go like I used to."

The meals should make it on Wednesday, but a major storm could interrupt deliveries on Thursday for the 575 people who receive food from Meals on Wheels five days a week.

Thanks to the Soup for Seniors program, most should have some extra food to carry them through the difficult weather conditions.

Matt Thomas is a site supervisor for the program. "When the snow does come and if we can't get out that day, we certainly make every effort to contact all of our clients and/or their next of kin to, number one, let them know we're not going to be coming," Thomas said, "and to just give them a quick call to let them know we're thinking about them and making sure that they're all right." 

The automatic budget cuts known as the federal sequester have limited the number of people Meals on Wheels can serve in the Roanoke Valley. And they've cut out the extra meals the program traditionally left when bad weather threatened.

But if service is interrupted this week, the staff and volunteers say they will keep in touch with their clients to make sure none of them goes hungry.