UPDATE: Company withdraws proposal for Roanoke propane terminal

Terminal would be built on nearly 29-acres in the Roanoke Industrial Park

POSTED: 03:33 PM EDT Aug 12, 2013 

Inergy Services has withdrawn its proposal that would have stored nearly 400,000 gallons of propane and butane, plus multiple rail cars and trucks which would be coming and going.

The City of Roanoke received a letter from Inergy's lawyers Monday saying that the company was withdrawing its application.

The proposal went before the Roanoke Planning Commission.


Original story from August 5

Right now bales of hay are the only thing on the piece of land on Progress Avenue.

But, a proposal is before the Roanoke Planning Commission that could make this area into an industrial hub.

"I think the primary concern is safety and the proximity of this proposed propane terminal to a neighborhood, a densely populated urban area," says Mark Powell, President of the Southeast Community Action group.

There are concerns.
Right now, the property is zoned for light industrial use.
A company called, Inergy is asking the land be rezoned to eventually store almost 400,000 gallons of propane and butane, plus multiple rail cars and trucks which would be coming and going.

Powell lives nearby and represents more than 60-neighbors.
He says a recent propane accident in Florida reinforces that this type of industry isn't right for the area.

Explains Powell, "There were some huge property damage, evacuation of a community and some significant injuries so these are not infrequent events."

But others aren't so sure.

Tim Hoback works for R&R Contractors which sits next to the proposed site.
Hoback thinks it could benefit the jobs market and surrounding community.

"It'd be great if it came into the area," says Hoback. "And, if the road were open through it would alleviate a lot of the traffic that's on 9th street and 13th street coming into the park and leaving the park."

Inergy tells WDBJ7 it has "an unfailing commitment to being a good steward to the environment" and "being a good neighbor."

It says it's listening to residents' concerns and taking them into consideration.

The Roanoke Planning Commission is set hear the issue on September 10th.

Here is the full quote from Andy Ronald of Inergy:

It’s important for Roanoke residents to know that Inergy has an unfailing commitment to being a good steward of the environment, to practicing safety in all that we do, and to being a good neighbor in the communities in which we live, work and operate. We have listened to the concerns of local residents and are taking them into consideration. As for this proposed facility site – as with all of the operations owned by Inergy – we are giving thoughtful consideration to the other businesses and residences surrounding the facility. We will continue to evaluate our proposed plans for a Roanoke operation over the coming weeks.