When it comes to driving a school bus, experts say it takes patience and a whole lot of love.

We found a man who has been driving a big yellow bus for nearly 60 years.

Dalford Phillips has been herding kids on and off his Pulaski County school bus for nearly 60 years.

In his cowboy hat and with a steady hand, Phillips says generations of kids have grown up on his bus. He started driving the ''big yellow'' when he was just a kid himself.

"I applied when I became 16. I got my license about a month after I was 16 years old. I substituted and then about two or three months after that I obtained a route," Phillips said.

That was way back in 1955. Now, drivers must be at least 18 and have a perfect driving record.

Phillips has been on just about every county road, hauling kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. After 75 years of living and 58 of those with kids behind his back, Phillips says it's all good.

"Oh yeah I like the kids. Most of the time you had good kids. Sometimes you have one who wants to be a little loud whatever, but by and large the kids are good," Phillips said.

Phillips’ boss says being "king of the road" is nothing, if you can't handle the kids.

"Oh that's important if you want to drive a school bus. If you don't like kids, you're in the wrong business," said Ron Nichols , Pulaski County Director of Operations.

When Phillips started, he made $2 a day. He says the kids never made him crazy.

What about retiring?

"No, not really. Haven't thought about that!"