For decades, the town of Pulaski has had a minor league baseball club that's been a source of pride for folks around there.

Calfee Park has been home to minor league baseball since the mid 30's. Town officials say Calfee is the second smallest ballpark in America.

The Pulaski Mariners, the minor league ball club that feeds into the Seattle Mariners system, have played ball in that park since 2007.

On Wednesday, general manager John Dittrich- on the job only 2 months- said major league baseball likes what Calfee park provides for the home team, but when it comes to the visitors side and the umpires dressing room, Major League Baseball is looking for upgrades.

"A little bigger, newer, better facilities. Nicer. The plumbing is old. The walls are old. There's leaks, there's things. We can live with them but we've been living with them a little too long.' >

Town officials said this coming Friday, administrators will meet with architects and Dittrich and start looking at what those upgrades might cost.
Pulaski town manager Shawn Utt, said the cost to rehab portions of the Calfee park could range anywhere from 100,000 to half a million dollars. Whatever the cost, Utt said construction won't start till after this upcoming baseball season is over.