You never get a second chance to make a first impression..

And, for some dogs, that could make the difference between sitting in a shelter and finding a forever home.

That's why a number of dogs from Angels of Assisi and the Roanoke pound are working with trainers to be able to put their "best paw forward."

The Field of Dreams training school in Vinton has recently started a "train to adopt" program.

The goal is teach the dogs simple commands and make them more adoptable.

"They want a dog that is good and can be trained," says Bobbie Wiggins of Angels of Assisi. "Most people really don't care what kind of dog that is, as long as they can train it and have fun with it and just be happy."

"And, it gives that instant connection too, where the dog focuses and looks up at that person, so they can get that nice 'awwww,'" adds Field of Dreams dog trainer Ann-Marie Transue.

All of the dogs shown in today's story are available for adoption.

To learn more about the program, click here.