For many of us, 'tis the season to be jolly.

But that also means 'tis the season possibly get robbed!.

Roanoke Police say the department takes several calls this time of year from people who want to know how to stay safe.

Here are the basics:

First of all, shop in pairs, police say there's always strength in numbers.

Next, when possible, lock everything in the trunk of your car, not in the back seat. Police say despite what shoppers think, nobody actually hides things in their back seat very well.

People are now buying things on Craigslist too.  Officers say when you're meeting someone to buy something, do it in a well lit public place and try to pay with cash.

"The only think I'd be very leery about is with the checks if you have your personal information, you're home address on there, you're meeting someone you've never met before and you really don't know the true identity of the individual or their intent behind the sale," said Roanoke Police Officer Travis Akins.

The downside of paying cash is that it's not traceable if there's a problem.

Police say if you can, test whatever you're buying in a Craigslist transaction before you pay.