Thursday is a big day for the South Boston Speedway and an experience that makes driver Matt Kenseth feel at home.

"Short track races is where it all started. So it's always fun to come back and do that," Kenseth said.

He's taking a break from the the Sprint Cup Series to race for a good cause.
His colleague Denny Hamlin is sponsoring the race that's making it's second debut at the speedway.

All money raised for the race go to the Denny Hamlin Foundation to fight Cystic Fibrosis.
Local drivers like Jeb Burton are already home.

"I'm five miles from here so I can sleep in my bed last night and that's always good when you have to race the next day," Burton said.

The field is a mix of drivers from all levels of racing, but one driver is considering this the big leagues.
Brad Eddy lives in Halifax County, Nova Scotia, Canada, a 25 hour drive from Halifax County Virginia.

"It's big, it's huge for me. For me being here is a win," Eddy said.

It's the largest race to come to South Boston since 1999, large because thousands of race fans are expected to be at the track.

"We had the Busch Grand National known as the Nationwide series today. We used to have them here. And that was anywhere from seven to eight thousand and now this is just as big if not bigger than that," Rice said.

With a larger crowd means a larger police presence. Up to 70 law enforcement members and rescue staff are at the track.

This resurgence is a big deal race fans are proud to see back in Halifax County.