New numbers show fewer people are dying in traffic accidents in Franklin County.

“Back in 2012 Sheriff Overton, his first year in office, we saw a large amount of fatality accidents in Franklin County; we had 18 of them. We also saw a large number of serious injury crashes,” said Franklin County Sheriff's Office Captain Mark Torbert.

The statistics motivated the office to find ways to lower the numbers.

Virginia State Police found that speed was a factor in many of the crashes. Rear and frontal mounted radars were installed in deputy patrol vehicles to help crack down on a serious speeding problem in Franklin County.

“One of the reasons why we really wanted to bring on radar was to come along side them to help them and to help them,” said Torbert.

Sheriff's Deputies are helping more by patrolling secondary roads, hoping to stop speeding.

"By partnering with together and coming along side each other we're able to create and provide a safer community here in Franklin County,” said Torbert.

Last year, traffic deaths in Franklin County dropped to only eight and the number of serious injury accidents declined.

About half of the patrol units are outfitted with the radar, and within the next year the hope is to have radar in all of the units.

“It's about saving lives. It's about reducing people's speed so that he the serious accident injuries and fatalities are greatly reduce,” said Torbert.