Police say it's a first for the area-- a very new and very dangerous drug. So dangerous, in fact, a Radford University student recently died while trying to make it inside a home.

The drug is called hash oil and it has lots of nicknames- dabs, shatter or wax to name a few.

Radford Police say on November 20th, a Radford University student was in a home off campus. He was severely burned and died a few days later. Police say he and his buddies were using butane to make the illegal drug called hash oil.

Radford Police Chief Don Goodman says hash oil is similar to making meth, in that both are highly explosive.

"You're playing with fire and you know especially in this day and age and in my community where people live so close together. I worry about other kinds of operations exploding like that one did."

This was a first for this area. Chief Goodman says his officers and other first responders, are learning as much as they can, as fast they can.

"What we have to do is be knowledgeable and we're going to have to catch up on this since this is new to us and one of the things we're going to do with city police is we're training all our people on what this things look like. What are the hazards. How to deal with it at the time and after the fact."

Police say butane hash oil is so new to this area, his officers turned to the internet to learn more.

"We've actually used online videos from places like YouTube initially to show people what this looks like and to become more familiar with it."

Goodman says no one has been charged yet in connection with the butane fire.