A student at Radford University recently found out her father had cancer. After the initial shock, she decided to start a fundraiser for her dad called "Run for Ron."

We met Alyce Baker in Christiansburg. She's a senior at RU who spoke quickly of her fathers condition.

"Well my dad in July was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and we've been dealing with it day by day," Baker said.

Ron Baker was sandwiched on the sofa between his wife Vicki and his daughter, who said she's always had daddy wrapped around her finger.

Ron, with a pillow behind his back for support, said he's been married 32 years. "It's had it's up and down, ha ha. But it's been great for the most part of it!" he said.

The Bakers could be almost any family touched by cancer. The emotions come rolling; shock. anger, and then a will to fight. Vicki Baker said her husband was taking his condition day by day.

"And then [Ron] said he didn't want pity and of course I had to make him understand that I wasn't giving him pity. It was out of love and I don't want people to feel sorry for us," Vicki said.

"The Run for Ron" is part of an on-going class project. More than 60 people have already signed up for Wednesday's race.

Alyce began sharing and then her voice trailed off into tears.

"Just, pretty much having, sorry. Just having your dad be one of your best friends is such a really cool thing..." she said.

Lots of people, especially men, put things in boxes and rarely share with anyone, even their wives. Vicki said it simply,

"I don't know what he thinks sometimes, I don't know," she aid.

Ron said he hardly ever cried before the cancer, but he's past that now and wants his wife and daughter to be alright.

"I don't know if you can call it abandonment but I just want to be there. I mean, I love them more than life," he said.

Alyce sang her favorite song for her father, who sat at the end of the kitchen table and just listened.

The ''Run for Ron'' is about a daughter honoring her father who knows he may miss her graduation, wedding, and grandchildren.

"I will be there if I can, but [Alyce], she's turned into a very special lady," he said.

Registration for the "Run for Ron" race begins Wednesday at 5 in front of the Bonnie at Radford University.