There's blood splatter on the ground and it streaks through the criminal justice build at Radford University. A recreation showed a dead body, leaving a murder to solve.

“We provide students with classroom instruction and theory and then we take that and we put it in practice,” said instructor Emil Moldovan.

It's a situation where students have to analyze clues and ask questions. Some students say the exercise is an eye opening experience.

“It takes a lot of hard work and time just to go through and see everything and notice everything and make sure you don't leave anything out,” said student Morgan Dean.

Leaving nothing out, students followed trails of blood, executed a search warrant and questioned a suspect. It’s a reality they will have to face once they enter the criminal justice career field.

“Coming to this is like, it's ok. I see things like this, it's like these things happen,” said student Christopher Thorpe.

Unfortunately agencies all over the county respond to situations like this one. It's sometimes a scene that can be unsettling to responders.

“I've had some students walk into a scene like the one we have in the bathroom and it was so realistic they actually frighten them and they screamed, and backed off because it looked so real,” said Moldovan.