State and federal leaders continue to look at rail safety, following the Lynchburg train derailment.

A task force set up by Governor Terry McAuliffe held its second meeting Wednesday in Lynchburg.  The group was formed just days after the April 30 crash in downtown Lynchburg, which sent several train cars and thousands of gallons of oil into the James River.

The panel heard from a federal administrator, who updated them on some changes being proposed by the United States Department of Transportation.  The amended rules would impose more speed restrictions and establish new standards for train cars that carry oil.

Lynchburg leaders say the task force meetings have been productive.

"You get a real good overview of what the federal, state, and local governments are trying to do to deal with this, so I think it has been helpful from that point," said Lynchburg Fire Department chief Brad Ferguson, who spoke at Wednesday's meeting

The task force will have at least one more meeting.  Their work will wrap up at the end of the year when they submit a list of recommendations to Governor McAulliffe, outlining ways he can address rail safety in the Commonwealth.