You'd think all the rain this past weekend would have helped fill up a pond. But as WDBJ7 New River Valley reporter Orlando Salinas found out, that's not the case at Mountain Lake Lodge in Giles County.

This reporter was walking where the lake at Mountain Lake Lodge should have been. Rocks and mud covered the ground and it's easy to see where the water has receded. At the start of Summer the lake was 45 feet deep. Today it's less than 20.

Heidi Stone is the new general manager at Mountain Lake Lodge. Stone said the lake started leaking about ten years ago and hasn't stopped. Scientists have yet to come up with a good explanation.

"And in just the past few weeks, [the lake] has decided to do the mystery that it does and we're below 18 feet right now. And you know what? We're going to do what we're going to do. [That] Is to continue to create experiences and add new experiences to what we do here," said Stone.

The new and improved resort now includes a new zip line not far from the main lodge.

Stone said the property has seen a huge increase in wedding receptions and overall, reservations are way up.

Sandra Eder and her two boys were sitting inside the tavern playing cards. The mother of three, visiting from Norfolk, said she remembered when the lake was busy.

"When I first started to come, the lake was full so we did a lot of canoeing and [the kids] jumped off the rocks," said Eder,

Eder was asked if a nearly empty lake was a negative.

"There's a ton of things to do. It's changed over the years. There are different things and because it changes, there's new things for us every time."

Another big draw will be Hokie football. Last year, Stone said for the first time ever, the lodge sold out during some games. This year a free shuttle back and forth is in play and there are still a few rooms. Lake or no lake, Stone said people are coming.

"But it is word of mouth and a majority of our folks are new. The folks who are coming to Mountain Lake Lodge have never been here before."