We've talked a lot about the effects of recent rains - flooding, mold and a lot of damage.

But, another thing people are seeing in their home are bugs, especially ants.

Andre Perdue owns Perdue Exterminators in Roanoke County.

For the last 40-years, he's been in pest control.

Perdue says the rain is ideal for insects because it makes the soil softer and they like a lot of moisture to raise their young.

But, it's that moisture that also pushes them inside homes, like yours, looking for food.

Says Perdue, "I do a lot of inspections around the homes and stuff like that, I pull the mulch back and there's multiple thousands of the ants. We've got several different species that have real large colonies and they get into the homes."

Larger colonies mean they're looking for more food, but there are some things you can do to battle the problem.

Of course, you can hire an exterminator or Perdue suggests using a granular insecticide which he says is fairly safe.

As for home remedies like lemon juice, baby powder, or cinnamon - he says they may initially work, until the bugs find another path or get used to them.

Because of this rain you may have notice a lot less stinkbugs and Asian lady bugs, Perdue says that's a direct result of all this rain.