This was the scene that greeted Margie Huffmyer as she came home in April 2012.

"When I rounded that corner on 419, I saw that apartment building up in complete smoke and fire," she says.

Huffmyer was one of a dozen families sent scrambling when her home at Cedar Point Apartments in Roanoke County was destroyed by fire.

"I'm a strong person, I think, but with something like that you're at wits end and just sit there and kinda watch. It's hard," says Huffmyer remembering.

That's when she says the Red Cross stepped in to help.

"The fire happened on a Tuesday, the Red Cross put us up for 3-days in a hotel and gave us gift cards to use around town to get clothes and food and things we needed," explains Huffmyer.

Amy Whittaker with the American Red Cross says this is a prime example of what this organization does, and will continue to do.

"During the winter months when the temperatures start dropping, that's when we see an uptick in fires, so we're just now getting into those colder temperatures and already in our 50 county region we've responded to nearly 90-house fires, helping more than 300-people. So this is a very busy time for us," explains Whittaker.

Now, a year and half later, Huffmyer is back on her feet, but she hasn't forgotten how far she has come.

"Until you have been there, it's easy to say, 'Oh I feel sorry for you.' But, until you sit there and have seen everything you've owned literally up in smoke, you don't realize until you're on the other end," says Huffmyer.

The Red Cross says it's on track to break last year's numbers, especially considering there's still a week and half left in 2013.

To give you an idea how much the organization spends- Whittaker says on average the Red Cross spends about 270-dollars a person.

That's more than 85-thousand dollars in just the last two-months.