SALEM, Va. -

The first day of spring fever means baseball season is around the corner.  The Salem Red Sox will take the field on April 8th as Carolina League Champs. 

Fans will take their seats to some new surroundings.

Pretty soon, it'll be the crack of a bat, pop of a glove and calls for peanuts.

For now it's pressure washers, drills and sprinklers.

"We want to make sure that every fan is getting the best possible experience when they come through the gates," said General Manager Ryan Shelton.

It's Shelton's first full season as General Manager and he's trying to make an immediate impact.

The first thing you'll notice when you walk through the gates is a brand new bar and customer service area.

Pretty soon it'll have a granite counter top lined with local craft beers.

"We wanted something fans would see as soon as they walked through the gates, have some immediate visual impact," Shelton said.

The concourse got a fresh coat of navy blue paint, the sections will be better labeled and those armrest cupholders won't be falling off anymore.

"What we have now is a cupholder that actually screws in into the back it's meant to be here," Shelton added.  The old cupholders were attached to the armrests, and often popped off.

As for the field itself, Head Groundskeeper Ross Groenevelt and his special assistant, his dog Hulk, say Old Man Winter was relentless.

"Just the cold. It was, we had those days where it was below zero with the wind chill and when it's that cold, it's not good for anything," Groenevelt said.

Despite the chill and all the snow, Groenevelt says when the Salem Red Sox step onto it opening day, his field will be ready.

"We're probably ahead of where we were at this point last year," Groenvelt said.  One of the main distributors for his supplies is located in New Jersey.  Last year, those dirt shipments were slowed by Hurricane Sandy. This year, it's the winter weather that's slowing things down.

While there's still a little work to do, everything should be ready in time for hardball.