Cut the ribbon and the fat! That's the challenge given to people in Danville on Friday.

The city officially opened the Main Street trailhead, a new addition to the Riverwalk Trail.

Users can now park downtown and get on the walkway.

Since it's mainly used for fitness, Get Fit Dan River Region used the event to kick off a 50,000 pound weight loss challenge for people who are connected to the Danville region.

"Our tag line is 100,000 people, 90 days, 50,000 pounds. And that's just going to help the overall well being and health of our community because our obesity statistics are so overwhelmingly high," said Stephanie Ferrugia with Get Fit Dan River Region.

"Obesity really is the root of a lot of problems here in our region with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and so while genetics plays a role in all of that, obesity is the number one cause of all of that," Ferrugia said.

The challenge connects you with community leaders and well known people in the area who are also losing weight with help from Danville trainers.

WDBJ7's Justin Ward is part of the weight loss challenge.

You can follow his progress and get diet and fitness ideas by going to TeamGetFit.org.