Just when employees at Virginia International Raceway thought they'd never have a relative of the iconic Oak Tree on the grounds again, there's hope.

A former employee planted acorns at his home from the Oak Tree that once stood at VIR.

The tree that was predicted to be about 200 years old when it fell two years ago.

Now the former employee is donating the tree to the track as a way to carry on the Oak Tree legacy.

"I think it's incredibly important to carry on the legacy because so many fans are so enthralled with it and everything we do here we do for the fans whether it's the casual spectator coming out to hear the cars on the track or the participants themselves, everyone has a tie to the Oak Tree," said Connie Nyholm, president of VIR.

The new tree is nine years old and will be planted near turn 12, off the track. A large medallion similar to this one will lay in place of where it once stood. The forestry service suggests the new tree be moved in November.